Spam Emails? User Mail Tester

Are you receiving spam emails or do your emails land in the spam box of others? Does your email bounce back?

When it comes to email sending and receiving, in particular to spam emails, a lot of users are finding themselves quickly overwhelmed. ?

Making sure that your email stays safe and is well received by others requires you to adhere to a certain standard of protocols. We all know how annoying it can be when emails get lost, never arrive and more. There are several tools that help you checking out your email situation however the following tool is one that is quite comprehensive and it is free to use:

Mail-Tester is a free spam checking tool that gives you a score out of 10 on a scale of spammyness.

It test the following things for you:

  • It shows you how your email will display
  • It checks whether SpamAssassin likes you or not
  • It looks at your authentication of your email and lets you know where you could improve
  • It looks at your message and tells you where you could improve it
  • It checks whether your email is blacklisted

Simply go to Mail-Tester, copy the email address they give you and send an email from the email account you would like to check to this given email address. Once done, head over to the website again and click on “Then check your score” to get the results.