I have been working with Petra for some time now. For many years, she has worked on a business website primarily for my husband, but I have been involved. At that level, she is knowledgeable, professional, helpful, courteous, providing above-and-beyond service when we ran into problems. At that level alone of website design and maintenance, I highly recommend her.

But if you are looking for something more, maybe even if you are not sure what, let me try to put to words that which Petra brings to the table.

She sees. She listens. She intuits. She sees who you are. She has the capability to bring this essence that you are into your website, to highlight you. It does not come from a specific pattern, first you do this and then that. It comes from a place of listening to who you are. If you know your own energy and what you want, you will know what I am talking about immediately. If, like me, you were unsure of what you might do with a website, unsure of who you are, she helps it to unfold naturally until it becomes an “Of course!” It is play. It is experimenting with different ideas. Petra is gifted in developing your website to radiate who you are. There is an openness to create, a freedom. At this level, it can be a co-creation if you can let her reflect back to you what she sees within. If you are ready to be seen, not only will you feel seen by Petra, but she will be able to create the energy within your website that those looking to find you will be able to see you too.

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