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Would you like to get help with your website and learn how to do it yourself?

One of our favourite things to do is to EMPOWER our clients. When we build their website we offer them tuition to learn how to manage their website, so they will be in control of their website – always!!!

We have many clients who have taken over their websites and only come to us when they have a problem that is not so easy to solve. We love how independent our clients are.

If you are a client of ours or not yet, we invite you to get your personalised tuition with us. Training can be tailored to your needs. We help you feel comfortable taking the next steps on your website journey.

At a great hourly rate for website training/tuition, you will be able to become discerning in what is favourable for your website adventures and most of all in charge of maintenance costs around your website.

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Personalised website training so you can maintain your very own website with grace and ease.

30 Mins Consultation | AU$50   60 Mins Consultation | AU$90   90 Mins Consultation | AU$140

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* 15 Mins Free Booking is primarily for the first introductory meeting.

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