Update / Maintenance Plan


Update / Maintenance Plan

12 months update / maintenance package, 6 months update / maintenance package, One-off update / maintenance

Many updates are happening each month to either the content management system or its extensions and plugins. It makes sense to keep an eye on them and bring them up to the latest version each month, comparing them with an expert database for vulnerabilities and more.

The update / maintenance plan ensures maximum security for your website. Problems can be monitored and addressed.

We check your website at the end of each month and also run it through special diagnostic tools to make sure that the most efficient settings are applied to keep your website running smooth and safe.

Diagnostic Tools for Joomla   Diagnostic Tools for WordPress

This is what is included

  • Content Management Updates (Joomla or WordPress)
  • Minor template updates (Joomla or WordPress)
  • Plugin or Extension Updates (Joomla or WordPress)
  • Running a snapshot to see where there could be a vulnerability in the way your website is setup
  • Running an audit
  • Uptime Monitor of your Website
  • Checking of SSL certificate expiry
  • Report emailed to you

This is what is not included

Like a service on your car, some things are not included such as doing a wheel alignment etc. The same applies to websites:

  • If you have made changes to your website and this is causing problems, we will not automatically fix that for you. Fixing that for you is a paid service! However, if we find them, we will contact you.
  • If we are running a screenshot and find that there are some vulnerabilities on your website, we will contact you. Fixing this is a paid service at an hourly rate!
  • Major upgrades of the CMS (Joomla or WordPress) or its template are not included in the maintenance plan. Please contact us for a quote.