Your website is your real estate

Your website is your real estate

We all agree that a certain exposure to social media is necessary in order to promote your website, services and products. 

However, I don’t know how much you are aware of the fact that for example Facebook calls now every sentence, every image, and video its own by the sheer fact that you are publishing it on Facebook. You just silently agreed.

More and more we are finding that search engines and social media control how we interact, advertise, think, live and breathe. “Artifical Intelligence” precisely delivers cut-out personal advertising right into our faces.

Your personal website is YOUR REAL ESTATE hence you have the control over what you publish, who owns it and how you interact with your clients. As I said before, build your own mailing list apart from all the social media ones and most of all, deliver the best service you can. People do remember this, they relax by knowing that they are in good hands.


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