What you need to know

Domains, Web Hosting & Licenses

1. Professional Template License

Your website template will have a professional license. This license is not transferrable to another website. There are no further costs involved for the lifetime of this website. You will be able to update the template for an unlimited time period.

2. Additional Licenses

We will try to work with free licenses as much as we can. However, there are some situations when you want to purchase a subscription to a professional license f.e. rental system, some e-commerce additions or booking systems. The cost of these licenses are the responsibility of the website owner.

We will discuss the need of such a license with you before we start the development of your website.

3. Domain Names & Web hosting

You also will need a domain name and web hosting for your website. There are some really good, cost effective web hosting solutions on the market. They also come with an email service, so you can setup your professional email account e.g. info@yourdomainname.com. Here are some suggestions for domain name registrars & web hosting services we have engaged before and have had a good experience with.

Content and Timeframe

1. Web Content

It is your responsability to deliver the content of your website (logo, branding, text, images). We can arrange for help if you need a content writer or graphic designer for logo, branding etc.

There are several websites (click to see what we have gathered for you) where you can find royality free images that you might want to use or simply use your own photos and images, we can do wonders with them. Of course we can use any image that comes with the initial template that you have chosen.

Delivery timeframe of website

We deliver the finished website normally within 14 days except when we do not receive the content of the website early on. Then we can not guarantee delivery in time.

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