The old classic still works – Testimonials

The old classic still works - Testimonials

Testimonials are the most overlooked conversion tools in online marketing.

Your visitor to your website is looking at what you are offering and they might not be quite sure whether they want to purchase your goods or service.

At that moment a voice comes in but it is not the usual marketing voice that says: You should buy now. No matter how good you are that marketing voice is never completely trustworthy.

But this voice that comes in is different. It is from someone that is just like your visitor. Someone who has been where your visitor is right now. The voice is saying: I know how you feel and where you are right now. I was in your position. I chose to sign up or purchase and the result was great.

This is the voice to the testimonial, another costumer speaking to your currently still doubtful prospect. Isn’t that incredible powerful. Testimonials are perfect for overcoming objections.

In addition to that testimonials also provide social proof.

So, testimonials boost conversions

This means they will boost sales, but they will also boost sign-ups if you put them on an opt-in form or landing page.

So yes, you should use the power of testimonials to boost your conversions, any conversions.

A lot of websites do not have them …

In fact a quarter of websites do not utilise testimonials on their website. Why is that:

  1. You have to asked for them.
  2. They are delivered aqwardly, as an image, as a text or with images that are too big or too much on that and you tend to stick in in a folder with a view to get to them later.
  3. Or if you are wanting a landing page right now and you have to hunt for testimonials, it takes time.
  4. So in a way they are very inconvenient to get together

How to help your visitor to leave a testimonial that works for you too?

There’s nothing salesy about asking people what they thought.

The critical points to include in your message are:
1) that they’re helping other people (because it really does make us feel safer when we see testimonials),
2) that this will be quick and painless, and
3) an estimate of how long it will take (the shorter the better)

Question #1:  “What was your biggest fear / worry / concern before hiring us/me?  Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?”

But finding out what people were afraid of, and showing potential clients (in past clients’ words) that they need not worry is one of the most powerful persuasion tools you have at your disposal. You can even become specific and address one particular concern.  

Question #2:  What, specifically, was your favorite part of _____, and why?”

Concrete, tangible examples sell.  Vague and intangible words do not such as “we had a lot of fun” …. instead of “They motiavated us to bring out the best in ourselves”

Pulling out concrete examples to make your prospective clients’ eyes shine.

Question #3:  “If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?”

Your testimonials should sound human and not like corporate speak and official. Give them permission to speak as if they sit across the table of a friend and tell him about what they experienced.

Check out our testimonial. What do you think?

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