Stages of Website Creation

Stages of Website Creation

Our expertise is not just in building the customised website you are wanting and also helping you to find the right solution for your business. 

Proper planning in the beginning will help you understand the website creation process. It makes it easier for you to keep an overview and stay connected to your website.

We love collaboration and we thrive in taking you by the hand and leading you through to ownership of your website.


1. Planning

The more you know what you want from your website the better we can help you.

Ask yourself how your website should serve you. On the basis of this information we are then able to define the scope of the website.

2. Setting up

Once we established your needs, you will need a domain name and a web host to display your website to the public.

We will setup the content management system on your chosen web server and connect the domain name, we will create the desired email and FTP accounts for you and install the basic software needed.

3. Designing

Designing involves the creating the graphic look of your website. Do you have a branding established, it highly suggest we follow its guidelines. If not, you might have a logo  and some preferred colours or some sample websites that you particularly like the design of it.

The design is an important part of the structure for your future website.

4. Content

Content, content, content … we are talking about images, photos, videos, written articles and other information the website will display to your visitors. While the design plays one part in the equation, content is certainly the part that makes it complete. Remember, this is your opportunity to reach your audience. The better the content, the more interested your visitors will be. Apart from helping you structuring this content, we can not write any of your content for your website. This is what you need to bring to the table in order to complete your website.

5. Building / Implementing

In this stage we will install other extensions into your website and make final adjustments to the look and feel of your website.

6. Taking Ownership of your new Website – Signing Off

While some testing had to be done throughout the process of building your website, now is the time where the final testing will take place before the website is handed over to you and the website goes LIVE!

We will hand over a written document outlining all the passwords and what has been implemented into your website. You will be responsible to keep it in a safe place as we do not store records such like this for privacy reasons.

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Maintaining your website’s content

Maintaining your website is easy. You can make changes to your website no matter where you are. We offer either:

  • support & tuition on demand to introduce you to your newly created website in order that you can take full advantage of all the features or
  • we can help you maintain your website at a budget that suits your needs.

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