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Sitemap Professional Edition is built on the shoulders of Google and has unique features that let you generate different types of sitemap to gain top level SEO performance for your site.

It works on every environment supporting fine tuning for server load resources and caching system during generation of sitemaps.
You can increase number of links indexed by Google up to 400% and gain a lot more visibility for your site! 

Sitemap Professional Edition supports the generation of every kind of sitemap and feed. Multiple sitemap types (responsive, standard, mobile, images, videos, geolocation, Google news, multilanguage, rss feeds) generation allows your site to gain more visibility and better SEO positioning.

Sitemap gets generated in realtime based on your content changes, so that when you edit your site contents it will automatically affect sitemap. Moreover submitting links for dynamic sitemap generation for example to Google Webmaster Tools it will automatically fetch the most updated sitemap and you are done!

  • Inversion of Control™

    Don’t wait search engines come to you, be you to submit your links to search engines through Ping-O-Matic Web service!

  • SEO Stats

    It’s capable to calculate amazing SEO stats such as Alexa and Google rank, the number of indexed links, and more

  • Google Analytics & Google Webmaster integration

    Sitemap includes the official integration with Google Webmasters Tools and Google Analytics so that you can monitor Google Analytics stats directly inside the Joomla! backend using your Google account. This helps to monitor your site trend in a snap, JSitemap is a unique point of access for every SEO, stats and health information about your site. Moreover thanks to the Google Webmasters Tools integration™ you can submit, resubmit and delete sitemaps, monitor the indexing status, fix crawl errors in just one click and in your Joomla! backend. Finally the Google Search Console section lets you monitor keywords, clicks, visits, impressions and the average SERP position for each page link of your website.

  • Stats and charts

    Sitemap XML is formatted in user friendly way and shows stats and charts about links

  • Search engines metainfo

    Using the Search Engines Metainfo Dashboard™ of Sitemap Pro now you can finally instruct Google and search enginesabout the exact title and description that you want to be showed in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of your site contained in the sitemap! You can also control in a breeze which links should not be indexed by search engines. Moreover the title, description and image specified will work even for socials when your pages are shared because it uses the Open Graph protocol. Let’s go, take control of your contents!

  • Google Indexing Tester™

    The Google indexing tester allows you to monitor exactly how your site is being indexed in Google SERP, to find which links, titles and descriptions are indexed and how Google ordered them by relevance in each page. Using this exclusive tool you can also perform searches for specific keywords, varying language and country. In this way you can understand how your site is positioned on Google in different countries or languages all around the world! The Google Indexing tester is an extreme powerful tool and it integrates with the official Google API for search results, offering you exact results directly in your Joomla! backend.

  • Links Analyzer

    The Links Analyzer allows you to analyze links on your site to find broken and not indexed links to avoid penalties. There’s an obsession with being #1 on a Google SERP. It can be done but paying an SEO expert is a highly expensive way to get in-bound, regular traffic. With this tool the underlying issue/s can be researched first. In some cases, it’s a missing page title tag. In another case the client didn’t have a contact page or an email address. Poor HTML code, industry saturation and missing meta tags are the usual culprits.

  • Ping search engines

    Sitemap Professional Edition for the very first time offers functionalities to realize an Inversion of Control principle for indexing your site. While till now you had to wait that search engines come to crawl your site in a passive mode, now you can reverse this routeand being you that go to search engine sending information about your contents. Now are you that go to search engines to shout: “EHY! I’ve updated my site, here is the link!”
    You can do this with sitemap submit functionality available in SEO control panel, but this can be achieved even in a more powerful way thanks to the integration of Pingomatic web service. Ping-O-Matic is a web service to update different search engines that your contents has changed and need to be indexed.Automatically ping search engines when adding or changing contents, including Chinese area and Baidu

  • Mindmap SCK layout

    An amazing SCK – Sitemap Construction Kit™ to build your custom sitemap layout using mindmap blocks

  • Sitemap modules

    Not a simple HTML sitemap on pages, you can embed special views using modules for example to show a quick navigation in the site footer

  • Htaccess editor

    An innovative and integrated editor for the htaccess is now included, avoid mistakes using assisted mode, versioning and restore feature

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