Every website needs its own domain name!

You might already have one. Great, we can use it. If not, we recommend the following domain registrar:

The prices range depending on what kind of domain name you are registering. Some of you want to register a variety of names that all point to the same website e.g. mybusiness.com, mybusiness.com.au, … etc

Before you register the domain name, you might be eligible for one free domain name when you purchase a web hosting package. Please check out the web hosting packages. The web hosting companies often also offer you to register your domain name through them. This is an advantage if you want to keep your web setup simple and easy in one account.

Here is a list of domain name providers. They also offer some kind of web hosting which you of course can also purchase. We just don’t have a lot of experience with them when it comes to web hosting, only domain name registering.

Register a domain name

Namecheap – domains

A versatile provider?

Namecheap is one of the providers that deliver value for money. We like that you can pick and choose the add-on products that you might want, so this company is pretty flexible when it comes to fulfilling your specific needs.


Crazydomains – domains

Famous for domain registrations

Crazydomains is a very established domain registrar in the world of the web. I cannot comment much on their web hosting services as I have not had a client using them yet but I certainly can vouch for the domain registrations.

*please note: We are affiliates of the above mentioned hosting services and as such we might receive a commission should you decide to use this links. This does NOT affect the price you will pay for your hosting.

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