Der TREFFPUNKT WA hat sich als der erfolgreichste Werbeträger in Westaustralien erwiesen. Fast jeder, der in diesem Magazin inserierte, war über den Erfolg erstaunt und erfreut. Es gibt kein vergleichbares Medium, das bei gleichem Aufwand den selben Erfolg beschert.

So ist es kein Wunder, dass viele Anzeigenkunden dem TREFFPUNKT WA (Perth, Western Australia) seit zwei Jahrzehnten treu geblieben sind.

Als kleines Mitteilungsblatt für die Besucher eines ungezwungenem wöchentlichen Treffens Deutschsprachiger unter dem Namen TREFFPUNKT WA im Hyatt Regency Perth begann dieses Magazin am 15. März 1989 sein Dasein.

Nachdem dieses Treffen der Deutschsprachigen dem Tod der Wiederholung erlegen war, entwickelte sich das kleine Magazin zu einem Bindeglied der Deutschsprachigen in Westaustralien. Die deutschsprachigen Einwohner konnten sich über das Geschehen in der immerhin 38,000 Einwohner zählenden Kommune informieren, aber selbst im Hintergrund bleiben. Die Anzeigen zeigten ihnen, wo sie ihre aus der Heimat gewohnten Produkte erstehen konnten und deutschsprachige Dienstleistungen finden konnten.

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Perth Hypnosis, Psychotherapy & Counselling

This website is great success in revamping an existing website, giving it a new domain name that much better reflects the business.

Immediately we saw a great success on Google search engine. It might be worth while spending a little time tweaking your existing website for much better customer use and better exposure on the search engines.

Scarves Australia

There is something about a simple and well put-together swathe of colourful fabric draped around the upper body that can transform an outfit. As well as providing warmth and comfort in cooler weather, a scarf adds colour and texture and interest to your look. Your choice of colour, texture and shape make a statement about your individual style. You can be understated and subtle one day, then go loud bold and “out there” the next! All with this simple and cost- effective tool – the Scarf, Sara White, the owner of Scarves Australia says.

In Unison is a spectacular festival combining commerce and culture in Perth. It offers opportunities for business and culture never before experienced in one single festival in Western Australia.

Its objectives include:

  • to conduct a festival of social, cultural and business events to showcase modern Germany, to avoid and transform stereotype images of Germany;
  • to increase awareness of Germany in the Western Australian community, and the historical, cultural and business ties between Western Australia and Germany;
  • to promote opportunities for investment and trade between Western Australia and Germany;
  • to present a truly multi-cultural West Australian festival with a German touch of and for the Western Australian community - not an ethnic festival.

The concept that has been developed facilitates these goals by stimulating interest on many fronts - be they music, social events or industry and commerce.

Client maintains their own website!

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Solomon Software UK already had a Joomla website. It needed to be upgraded to the latest Joomla version in order to take advantage of added security as well as responsitivity to display on mobile devices.

Client maintains their own website!

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This is a practitioner website with information about the practicioner, the healing modality, audio files to listen to and a simple shopping facility to pay for services.

There is also a newsletter attached to this website and a beautiful contact form.

This service is rendered from Perth in Western Australia via Skype or phone contact.

Website owner maintains her own website.

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Abschied für Tiere

Es gibt Momente im Leben, da steht die Welt für einen Augenblick still, und wenn sie sich dann weiter dreht, ist nichts mehr wie es wahr!

Diese Webseite bietet Hilfe für Menschen, die durch eine schwierige Zeit gehen, wenn sie ihre Tierfreunde verlieren. Claudia Kühnis führt Sie durch ein spezielles Ritual, damit Sie gebührend von Ihrem Freund Abschied nehmen können.

Kiely Air - Air Controls & Maintenance

We are great at rejuvenating websites that are older and give them a new lease on life without breaking the bank.

This website is testimony to this, all the dust is gone, the structure of the website more condusive to search engines in general. And we added some interesting new features for the owner of the website.

Hannibal is an internationally renowned musician, vocalist and teacher. Hannibal flourished as Nina Simone’s protégé, eventually settling in Vienna, Austria for 27 years singing and studying with some of the great vocal masters of Europe.

His website features some work and displays his events.

Petra has designed and created two comprehensive and unique websites for my business consistent with the brief given. She is a great trainer and teacher and quickly enabled me to become competent and independent with my site. She is a brilliant problem solver and yet highly creative, so you get the unusual left and right brain talents combined in a single and well-priced package. I would highly recommend Petra to businesses looking to create a website.

Sara White from Sara White
Scarves Australia




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