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Reviews on Google

Lately in my business it is all about getting better media exposure, getting a better rank on Google etc. You know that I still am an advocate of stimulating the organic growth of a business which does not mean we can not engage free and clever services that are just waiting to be utilised.

One of these are the Google Reviews. The more reviews you have, the better a user that found you googling has an understanding on what he can expect from your services.

So how do you get one and then use it

What we are doing is, we are creating a link that we give our client that conveniently leads them to the review page. In order to be able to create such a link, you need to have a Google Business account.

Create or check your Google Business account

Next, once the Google Business account is setup (most of you have one already), create a link that you can send to your clients or have it setup in your mail signature and / or on your website. Please make sure that you use the “Create a link using the PlaceID Lookup Tool” on the link provided underneath as it works much better.

Create a link for customers to write reviews

And here you are …

Thank you for your time to read this newsletter and while I have your attention, may I ask you to leave me a review in my Google Business (you need to be logged into Google)? Check it out how it could also work for you by clicking on the button below.

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Let me know if you enjoy this little tips and tricks and I will continue to share little useful snippets with you.

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