How to utilise the internet and social media for your business


We certainly all agree that if you have a business, you would want to have a website. As I wrote in an earlier post, for me your website is and stays your real estate.

The social media is great when it comes to help you promote your business to a wider public. And there are still a lot of services that you can use for free that will be beneficial to you. 

However more and more business now goes to paid avertising and this can become very expensive and time consuming as well. Think about it, you are still the one who needs to generate the content and that takes time and resources. 

I have heard from clients how exhausting it can be running your business and driving your advertising. A lot of clients have been utilising paid advertising and did not have much success with it or the advertising costs would eat up any profits that were made by advertising.

I am a strong advocate of keeping your business close to your chest, meaning running your blog on your website and then feed it out to the media, having your own mailing list (and not abuse it), creating content on your website that is interesting to a possible client. Your clients would like to hear how you experience your business, who you are in relation to it and if they can trust you. 

So think about what you like about your business, create within that parameter and do it first and foremost on your website then feed out to the social media and most of all, trust the organic growing of your business. You like it and so will your clients as they come in to find you.

If you would like to have help in clarifying what could work for your particular business, please book an appointment for an consultation. A small investment of AU$90 per hour will help you streamline your internet adventure and lets you enjoy your business more!

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