Social Media Business / Company Pages

Social Media Business Page

Do you want to take advantage of the ever increasing exposure through the social media like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter etc with your own business / company page?

Are you confused and overwhelmed by social media?

Here are some considerations: When planning your online marketing strategy, your website MUST come first. Think of it as sort of a “base camp” that you will connect to/from any number of external points. Your website is property owned by you, whereas social media pages are the property of someone else.

Look at social media sites as merely a vehicle to get your message out there and drive traffic back to what you have control over. Still, getting “social” is an important component of any marketing plan.

Where do you start when deciding what sites to include in your marketing strategy? Maybe have a look our little write up “Social Media for Business” and find out what your audience is. You don’t have to have a presence on every channel. Decide which ones (up to 3) will most benefit your business and go from there.

Setup Facebook / Google / LinkedIn Business pages

Here are some major players in the market today. Each one is offering a dedicated business page facility. It is fairly easy and self explantory to setup a business page that matches your website. Make sure you have a personal account on each of these networks and are logged in before you attempt to setup your business page:

If there is a social network you would like to use but is not listed here, go ahead and create the business page.

We are happy to help you setting up these business pages if you need assistance with it.

As part of our service we will implement these pages for you on your website.

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