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Karen Easter runs a hypnotherapy praxis located in Darlington, Perth in Australia. She came to us to help her running her business more smoothly by implementing an appointment booking system on her website that takes & confirm bookings, collects payments, exchanges data with her Google calendar and sends the clients a reminder sms a day before the appointment.

appointment booking screen

Her clients can book online at any time of the day or night. A simple booking screen allows the client to choose the service they want and pick a time slot convenient to them. To confirm the booking they can pay for the session using a credit card or doing a bank transfer. The time slot then appears to be taken on the website. The client receives an email confirming their booking and will receive an sms the day before their appointment to remind them.

Karen receives an email of each 

booking and an entry is automatically made into her Google calendar with the date and time of booking, contact details of the client and whether the payment was made.

Further, within the appointment booking component different resources can be setup e.g. different therapists, doctors, hairdressers etc. and they can have different services assigned. For each resources fixed book off times can be set (f.e. if the resources can not accept bookings at certain days or times).

The appointment booking system also allows to issue discounts and coupons as well as displaying extras that can be purchased. 

Office staff can access a special front desk screen allowing to modify or add bookings.

All in all, this system is a well thought through system that can be implemented in any Joomla website for an affordable price.

To see this system in action, please go to Should you be interested to book for a session, Karen offers a special discount to all of our newsletter subscribers of a 10% discount for all services booked through her website. Please use coupon code: WWW during the checkout process. Offer valid until 31st August 2016

Petra has designed and created two comprehensive and unique websites for my business consistent with the brief given. She is a great trainer and teacher and quickly enabled me to become competent and independent with my site. She is a brilliant problem solver and yet highly creative, so you get the unusual left and right brain talents combined in a single and well-priced package. I would highly recommend Petra to businesses looking to create a website.

Sara White from Sara White
Scarves Australia




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