After hiring Petra for the remodelling of our website Boomer-English, we began to see drastic changes that we were highly impressed by. Petra managed to include not only a smooth transition of cover photos onto our home page, but also moving images and videos to advertise our services.

Petra was very friendly and approachable throughout our discussions of what we wanted for our website, and encouraged us to give her as many pointers and desired features of our ideal website for her to cater to. 

The way she incorporated the text we had written for the home and about pages, and designed navigation between these pages was smart but simple, giving our webpage both professional and easy to use features as well.

Barbara & Dave Ison


We love to create beautiful, commanding & user friendly websites and landing pages.

We are great at rejuvenating websites that are older and give them a new lease on life without breaking the bank.




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